Corporate philosophy

General principles of our business policy

We want to remain an independent, family-owned enterprise. We want to be active in the market as a group of companies, using the established product names.Thanks to flexibility and technical expertise based on a well-balanced relationship between the independence of the individual locations and the synergy available within the Group, we can ensure the maximum benefit for our customers. Our aim is to achieve, as far as possible, a continuous development of our business activity, making use of the products and markets with which we are familiar, both at home and abroad. We want to make a profit which will be sufficient to guarantee the growth of our enterprise and which will enable us to achieve our other aims. In respect of technology and costs, our aim is to be one of the leading suppliers in the markets available to us. We attach great importance to creativity and innovation and we will always make use of new technologies as a means of achieving growth and rationalization. In order to increase our efficiency or to optimize our range of products we are prepared to participate in other companies and to enter into cooperations.

Attitude towards the market

Our activities are geared to the market and its requirements. Our claim to be a specialist and a problem-solver is supported by our wide range of products and our global presence. Our aim is to provide our customers with a high standard of quality and service. This is the only way to win and maintain their confidence. It must be evident to the business partners of each company belonging to the SCHERDEL Group that they are dealing with a single enterprise and that the same standards and principles apply to each of the various divisions of that enterprise. The customer must know that we understand his requirements and that we are making every effort to find efficient solutions to his problems. We regard it as our duty – in conjunction with our innovation team – to act as a fair and reliable partner for our customers, suppliers and competitors, in accordance with customary business practice.

Attitude towards employees

On the basis of the work an employee does for the Company, his job should be secure. We will use every means at our disposal to ensure that these jobs are secure. The individual achievements of the employee should be recognized, thus helping him to identify himself with his work and to acquire self-confidence and a feeling of personal satisfaction. Our aim is to encourage the initiative, creativity and personal responsibility of our employees by ensuring that the individual has plenty of scope for decision-making in relation to the achievement of clearly defined aims. We attach particular importance to ensuring that each employee is given tasks in accordance with his qualifications and that he receives optimum vocational and in-service training. We expect our employees to be prepared to work hard, to adapt to conditions necessitated by the day-to-day running of the Company and to take part in regular vocational and in-service training courses.

Attitude towards the environment

We want to meet our ecological and social obligations in respect of our environment and future generations. We regard it as our duty to adopt a responsible attitude to the use of raw materials and energy and we endeavour to optimize all processes in respect of their environmental compatibility. Our Group of companies makes a fair and reasonable contribution in respect of training and employment measures as well as in relation to sport, culture and the community in general. We support the idea that our employees should be active in institutions, associations and corporations which serve the welfare of our community.